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• Thursday, October 16th, 2008


Welcome to HiroyukiEhara.com!

This is the unofficial website complied mostly from his TV series “The Letter from Heaven”. I’m so proud that somebody as amazing as Mr. Ehara came from the same country as myself – Japan. You will never see anything like this in the US or even in Europe, because of the way it’s filmed.

Instead of a lecturing from a podium or face to face in a closed room, he actually goes everywhere, mainly scenes of accidents or crimes and the deceased’s house.  He can not only see the spirits, but can also talk to and convince the dead to go to spirit world.

I was shocked to find out how many deceased stay on earth even after death. They can not go because somebody on earth is still suffering, or even thinking of commiting suicide, so they try desperately to prevent it from spirit world.

It is very interesting to find out what the dead are really thinking about and it’s usually very different from people who’s alive are concerned about.  I believe that these episodes will change many people’s views of how to deal with people’s deaths.

I want to spread this message but I need English translators! If you can help even with even a few episodes, let me know!

The first episode of “A Letter From Heaven EP 10″ is about a young man named Nao who recently passed away from a  motorcycle accident.  His father also died at a young age so his dream was to become a father for his children.  One night, on the way back from work, he got involved with mysterious accident and passed away.

After his death, though, his mom felt his presence and a voice saying, “Thank you, mom.”  His daughter also saw his spirit saying, “Are you there, Daddy?”

The widow had to find out why and how this accident happened so she asked Mr. Ehara to spiritually examine this matter.


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